Niessen Carcleaning - PPS lakverzegeling
Niessen Carcleaning is the importer for this patented paint sealant for the Benelux. Car cleaning companies and car dealers are admitted as a dealer for applying PPS after extensive instruction. Customers receive a warranty certificate and unique code to claim the warranty with the option to leave a review. As a dealer you will receive a message about this. Would you also like to become a dealer of the only patented paint sealant?
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We will contact you after checking the provided details for the next step. When admitted as PPS dealer you can login to our webshop to replenish your PPS stock and to request warranty codes.

As a PPS dealer you can use our work order portal on your This portal gives you the opportunity to follow up on quotations from potential customers and to register work orders. Your customers can log in and submit their own work orders and track their status. Your service package will be seamlessly integrated. Do you employ personnel? With the hours registration you have a nice instrument to measure the efficiency. Through an optional accounting program, the work orders can be downloaded, invoiced and sent to your customers as a PDF by email. We are happy to demonstrate the possibilities. Ask for the conditions.

We are happy to help make your business an even greater success !