Niessen Carcleaning - PPS lakverzegeling

PPS paint sealant

PPS is a unique patented 2-step paint seal with more than 27 years of proven protection. Virtually maintenance-free and with a service life of over 150 washes and warranty up to 7 years. PPS preserves and protects treated surfaces from UV rays, environmental pollutants and oxidation. It provides a strong and durable finish that extends the life of the exterior of vehicles.

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PPS technology is used daily in more than 24 countries of the world by the most advanced companies active in the automotive sector, aviation, shipping, industry and defense to protect surfaces against weathering and oxidation deterioration, and against fading of color and loss of gloss. The most notable references from PPS Technology are the U.S. Air Force (Certificate Number: LNB95093) and the U.S. Navy protecting its AEGIS radars with PPS Technology against salt air attack (Certificate Numbers: NSN: 1H-0099-LL-H56-3629 and Cage Code: 1VJ93).