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All prices are consumer prices incl. VAT and are dependent on the size and condition of the object to be cleaned. We use special prices for car dealers with regular supply, ask for the conditions. Payment upon delivery unless otherwise agreed, we have a mobile PIN machine. Treatment by appointment only. Need a replacement car? State it on the appointment/quotation form and we will ensure that it is available on time! Collection and delivery service on request.

Your car is washed by hand and provided with a wax layer, windows on the outside are cleaned without streaks. Can be combined with interior cleaning if required.

Price from € 32,50
The exterior of the car is tackled on the following points:
1. Car is washed and degreased.
2. Car is polished in 2 steps and wax is applied.
3. Windows are cleaned without streaks.
4. Tires / rims and plastic parts are cleaned.
5. The engine compartment can be cleaned if desired.

Price from € 130,-
Carpeting and seats are vacuumed, interior windows cleaned without streaks and the plastic parts cleaned. Can be combined with exterior cleaning if required.

Price from € 32,50

The interior of your car is tackled on the following points:
1. Deep cleaning seatings; chairs and mats are not only cleaned on the outside but also on the inside (foam) for the best result. Leather seatings are cleaned thoroughly and provided with a nourishing and protective coating.
2. Ceiling is thoroughly cleaned.
3. The entire interior is vacuumed and all cracks cleaned.
4. All plastic parts are cleaned.
5. Windows are cleaned without streaks.
6. Trunk is cleaned incl. any spare wheel present.

price from € 130,-

Interior basic + exterior basic. Your car will be shining again as soon as it leaves our workplace. Do you always want to be representative? With an account on our portal you can easily make an appointment and, if you wish, receive a message as soon as the car is ready.

price from € 62,50
Interior complete + exterior complete. Your car leaves our workplace in showroom condition, like new!

Price from € 230
A paint seal ensures optimum protection of the paint of your car. You can choose from a one-year sealant, Waxoyl and PPS. Each with their specific characteristics and guarantee periods. For advice, we would like to invite you to our workplace to show the differences. Click here for more information about the options.
AquaGard Glascoating is the only glasscoating with warranty in the Benelux that ensures that raindrops disappear from the windshield without the use of wipers. It increases driving comfort and safety, especially at night. Bird droppings, flies, tar and other dirt can easily be removed, while freezing the windscreen decreases in the event of frost. This ultra-smooth AquaGard Glass coating, will remain in operation for a maximum of 50,000 km or half a year.

Price from € 52,50
New advertising on your company car? We professionally remove stickers and adhesive residues. This service is often combined with exterior complete to eliminate the color differences that can arise from removing the paint from sunlight.

Price on request.
Small scratches from, for example, the car wash can be removed by polishing. Deep scratches and dents in the body can be removed by a specialized company if required. This service is often combined with exterior complete to eliminate the color differences that can arise by locally renewing the paint.

Price on request.
Dull weathered headlights and rear lights can be a reason for MOT rejection due to reduced visibility for you and other road users. We make headlights bright again by professional polishing and apply a protective coating.

Price € 32.50 per lamp / € 59.95 per set
Do you suffer from an unpleasant odor in your vehicle? With special ozone equipment we can remove it. Only in combination with interior complete for the best results.

Price from € 85