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One-year paint seal
A Teflon paint seal that ensures that the paint of your car is sealed for a year. Dirt adheres less quickly to the paint and brushing is therefore considerably smoother. The car has a nice shine for a year. The treatment must be repeated after this year.

Price from € 99,- (station/suv/xl € 119 - executive/xxl € 139)
Waxoyl gives a 3 year warranty on gloss and color for new cars (not older than 3 months) and 2 years for cars older than 3 months. Click here to view the warranty conditions.

Some important benefits of Waxoyl 100+
  • Your paint is guaranteed to retain its deep shine for 3 years.
  • Your paint retains its color thanks to the powerful UV filter.
  • You save time and money on cleaning your exterior.
  • Your car stays young longer, so a higher (trade-in or sales) value is retained.
  • Click here for a detailed description of Waxoyl 100+.

Price from € 189,- (station/suv/xl € 209 - executive/xxl € 229)
PPS - Polarized Protection System
  • 7 year warranty on new vehicles
  • 5 year warranty on used vehicles and vintage cars, and
  • guarantee until the end of the lease term on lease cars.
  • used daily in more than 24 countries in the world by the most advanced companies active in the automotive sector, aviation, shipping, industry and defense to protect surfaces against deterioration due to weather and oxidation, and against fading of color and gloss loss
PPS Lacquer protection reinforces the lacquer finish, resulting in considerably fewer scratches. The supplier assures you of a permanent gloss and color retention of the paint and of the exclusion of corrosion and rust. You will drive a representative, "showroom new" car forever. The PTFE protective layer feels smooth and reinforces the paint finish. Because dirt hardly adheres anymore, a considerable amount of time and money is saved on cleaning and maintenance of the exterior.

With a PPS paint protection, the use of car shampoo is no longer necessary, while the car is completely cleaned in just 10 to 15 minutes. Because (often harmful) car shampoos are no longer necessary for maintenance, they also save on environmental pollution.

Used vehicles and old-timers can also be protected for a long time after an intensive polishing program against influences that can damage the paint finish. Unique is the 5-year warranty that you receive on the PPS paint protection of your used car or old-timer.

Price from € 289,- (station/suv/xl € 329 - executive/xxl € 369)